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We proudly represent a growing catalogue of select third party content as well as our own originals.

Discover more about YOU and the nature of God through His animal kingdom! Looking at a different animal per episode, come and explore how amazing it is, and what it can teach us about God and ourselves.

Join musician Randall Goodgame, Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug, Morty and Maggie Raccoon, and a slew of special guests inside the brand new Slugs & Bugs Workshop. Imaginations are kindled, songs are sung and hijinks are discovered, along with timeless truths about life and faith. Delightful, quirky, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages.

It's a Boy!
  • Animation. 1 episode x 30 minutes

A bird's eye view of the Christmas story! 3 quails - Tommy, Bobby and Queenie - overhear an angel telling Mary she's going to give birth to the Son of God. Locked in a cage, ready to be served up at a royal banquet, they discover that the cruel and power-hungry king wants Mary's baby dead. Together they must embark on a daring mission to find the baby Jesus before it's too late.

Vibrant, fun-filled, Bible-based animation featuring songs, stories, prayer and interviews with special guests. Join Milo, CJ, Benji, Lulu and Rory in their Treehouse Studio as they have fun adventures together and learn about their faith.

The loveable singing pandas are back, and this time it's all about the Fruit of the Spirit. Kids will delight in their adventures as they learn all about love, joy, peacefulness, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The Adventures of Toby
  • Animation. 5 episodes x 6-27 minutes.

  • Making Friends: Official selection: BIAF, Golden Lion, KKNK

  • Crunch Time: Best Animated film, International Christian Festival 2009

A collection of 5 fantastic animated films - 'Monsters and Me', 'Making Friends', 'Crunch Time', 'The Christmas Gift' and 'The Gooey Lunchbox' - where kids will discover life-changing truths and Bible adventures.

This captivating preschool series combines vibrant animation with beautifully told, live-action Bible stories. Each episode unpacks a different 'treasure' - the special things we think, feel and do - and delves into the essence of what God desires for us. With storytellers Ben Langley, Krissi Bohn, Jonah Fazel, Omar Kahn, Amy Gavin and Gemma Hunt.

Loveable puppets, Mr and Mrs Looyah and their son, Hal, present this Bible and worship-based series for children up to 7 years old. Each beautifully created episode explores themes such as how we are precious and loved by our Heavenly Father, the fantastic promises of God and His wonderful creation, plus many more!

The God Rocks! are embarking on an exciting adventure at Rocky Ridge that will have children aged 5 to 12 rocking along! Packed with captivating stories and toe-tapping tunes, these entertaining episodes promise to keep young viewers engaged as they join the God Rocks! on their whirlwind escapades.

In God Rocks! Playlist we join hosts, Myles and Stella, to watch the award-winning God Rocks! band perform their incredible Bible-based songs that will get 5 to 12-year-olds singing and dancing! The 8 episodes are full of rocking tunes loved by kids, parents and children's ministry workers.

  • God Rocks! Parable Playhouse: 18 episodes x 5 minutes

  • God Rocks! Scripture Songs: 26 episodes x 2 minutes

  • God Rocks! Cartoon Stories: 18 episodes x 7 minutes

Chip, Crystal, and the Dance Craze Crew lead kids through awesome new praise songs, teaching moves with warmth and encouragement. Their modern style and trustworthiness make them top choices to emulate, inspiring kids to embrace the song's message.

A multi-award winning animated series which retells the parables of Jesus in a fun, modern and quirky way. Join Brian, Phil and Vincent as they set up businesses, go to parties, hunt for treasure and eat a lot of biscuits.

Henry, Helen, Harriet, and Fred embark on a journey to discover essential life lessons within beloved Bible stories. With adorable characters, memorable music, and captivating storytelling, Henry Hand Puppet is bound to captivate the hearts of young children.

Bible stories retold in only 60 seconds! Tom and Maddie are the vibrant animated characters ready to share them. Simple, fast-paced and visually captivating, this series is a powerful tool for teaching children key moments in scripture.

Bean Wrestle Mania
  • Animation. 1 episode x 10 minutes

A 10 minute animated 'mini movie' starring actor and comedian Tim Vine.

The story of David and Goliath like you've never seen it before!

Experience exciting, hilarious adventures with Jovis Bon-Hovis and friends as he learns that living close to God often involves making mistakes! Through stories, songs, arts, crafts, outdoor adventures with the Creation Crew Kids, and comedic situations at home, Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew make learning the Bible fun.

Freddy, David, Melissa and their friends find themselves navigating the rough waters of peer pressure, temptation, fear, dealing with bullies, lack of self-esteem, and so much more. Each episode shows the characters praying to Jesus, asking Him for guidance and wisdom.

Best friends Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe learn how to make better choices every day with the help of their friends through their adventures in Booga Booga Land. Based on allegories written from the parables of Jesus, this series will inspire, challenge and entertain kids aged 6-8.

Enter the action-packed world of Bibleman and his team as they combat evil with the power of God's word! Join them on adventures exploring virtues like goodness, kindness, faith, and wisdom, and more.

Little Image Bearers
  • Live action. 7 episodes x 22 minutes

  • Christian Film Festival 2020 winner of Best Series, Best Costumes and Props, Best for Kids and Best Series Fan Favorite

Discover biblical concepts of bearing God's image, intrinsic value, and morality through captivating experiments and playful puppetry. Fun for all ages, perfect for little image-bearers.

There is so much to discover about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God's word! In this delightful series, a wise old owl mentors five young students as they travel on adventures learning about nature, faith, God and the Bible.

Delve into the depths of God's word with a captivating Bible study show crafted by the talented creators of Owlegories. Step into the delightful world of Hoot, Savannah, Screech, Charlie and Steve as they uncover biblical truths and bring them to life for kids of all ages.

Adventures await for Mozzy the mouse as he explores the planet in his airship, aiding the Prof in creating an encyclopedia of God's incredible world! Filled with action, comedy, and education, kids will discover our amazing planet in a biblical, Christ-centered setting.

Awesome Animals and Mini Me
  • Animation. 15 episodes x 11 minutes.

  • Winner of ‘ICVM 2023 Gold Crown Award for Best Children’s Program’ at NRB.

The Slugs & Bugs Show
  • Live action. 13 episodes x 22 minutes

Treasure Champs
  • Animation with live action. 30 episodes x 15 minutes with live action or 30 episodes x 4 minutes animated shorts.

Little Worship Company
  • Live action. 16 episodes x 11 minutes.

  • Animation. 18 episodes x 15 minutes.

Sea Kids
  • Animation. 13 episodes x 24 minutes

Cheeky Pandas Series 1
  • Animation. 11 episodes x 8 minutes.

Cheeky Pandas Series 2 & 3
  • Animation. Series 2: 6 episodes x 9 minutes. Series 3: 5 episodes x 11 minutes.

  • Easter and Christmas special episodes.

God Rocks!
  • Animation. 10 episodes x 27 minutes.

  • Easter and Christmas special episodes.

God Rocks! Playlist
  • Live action. 8 episodes x 23 minutes.

God Rocks! Shorts

Animation. Excerpts from the fantastic God Rocks! series:

God Rocks! Dance Craze
  • Live action. 30 episodes x 6 minutes.

The Parables
  • Animation. 12 episodes x 5 minutes.

Henry Hand Puppet
  • Live action. 11 episodes x 10 minutes.

60 Second Bible Stories
  • Animation. 17 episodes x 1 minute

Jovis Bon-Hovis
  • Live action. 2 seasons.

  • Season 3: 14 episodes x 30 minutes.

  • Season 4: 10 episodes x 30 minutes.

Adventures in Booga Booga Land
  • Animation. 26 episodes x 11 minutes.

Night Owls & Early Birds
  • Animation. 9 episodes x 20 minutes.

Mozzy and the Prof
  • Live action. 10 episodes x 15 minutes.

  • Animation. 24 episodes x 12 minutes.